About Suntria

Our Mission: At Suntria, we believe in empowering people through innovative energy systems. Our mission is to help our customers secure their home energy source, take control of their consumption and regain their independence. Clean, efficient technology puts the power back in your hands – we can’t wait for you to join the energy revolution.

The Suntria Story

Suntria was founded as Premier Solar Solutions more than 15 years ago in Phoenix, Arizona. Born from a family of electrical contractors, the company built a name in the community for technical expertise and quality workmanship. As a new industry emerged, we grew to serve small and large solar companies across the Country, providing engineering and installation services to some of the most recognized names in solar.

From our inception, our focus has always been quality, honesty, and complete customer satisfaction. As we grew, we saw an opportunity to become more comprehensively involved in all aspects of the solar experience – from sales and system design to customer care and warranty service. It was from this opportunity that Suntria was born.

We have maintained our values and truly become a company fully centered around our customers and the families that we serve, by guiding the process from start to finish. We added key industry leaders with reputations for innovation, stability, and integrity to our core team of technical and operational experts, and are offering the very best brands, warranties, and the technology via a smooth, seamless and customer-friendly process. Our goal is not to be the biggest, but to grow responsibly and organically by treating our customers as family, and by delivering on our promises in a way that every one of our team members can be proud of.