Suntria delivers whole home solutions for reliable power, around
the clock. An independent energy source is an investment in your
home and your family. Whatever comes your way – you’ll be ready
to keep phones charged, appliances running, and life on track.
We offer total solutions, with the industry’s best panels,
batteries, and microinverters to give you peace of mind, all the

Solar Charged Storage Solutions

Batteries put you back in control – allowing you to cache
energy, anticipate outages, and rest easy knowing you have a
trusted home power source you can count on, rain or shine.
Simply use the sun’s energy to recharge and keep your entire
home powered for days without interruption.

REC Panels

We use the industry’s leading range of solar panels to deliver
systems that are efficient, dependable and trusted. Panels from
top solar manufacturers REC use intelligent technology and
forward-thinking design to maximize production, reliability, and


Enphase microinverters offer cutting-edge power-converting
technology that gives solar systems unprecedented efficiency.
When paired with Enlighten, an easy-to-use mobile app, you can
track your overall energy and per-panel energy production data,
monitor your system’s health, and share data with family and

Invest in Your Home, Family, and Lifestyle

Solar is a smart investment in your future – promising that the
days to come will be powered by clean, reliable energy you can
trust to keep your world on track. Put your home and family in the
capable hands of Suntria for your best and brightest energy

join the solar revolution!