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We combine cutting-edge technology with dependability, for solar panel solutions that go the distance and stand the test of time and bring peace of mind to your family, regardless of .

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Illuminate Your World with Suntria’s Advanced Solar Products

Step into a brighter future with our premium solar technology. Power your life, sustainably.

The Best: Made in USA Solar Panels

Proudly partnered with Silfab Solar, a North American solar technology leader with over 40 years of expertise, we bring you the pinnacle of solar innovation. Silfab’s solar panels, perfected for North American conditions, are produced in cutting-edge facilities in Burlington, Washington, and Toronto, Canada, with an upcoming site in Fort Mill, South Carolina. This partnership equips you with advanced solar solutions, featuring state-of-the-art technologies like Metal Wrap Through (MWT) and back-contact technology. Key to our lineup is the SIL-420 BG panel, America’s top-tier solar panel manufactured exclusively in the USA. This panel, a testament to Silfab’s ingenuity, incorporates proprietary X-pattern technology and a unique conductive backsheet, enhancing efficiency and power. Its sleek, elegant design, coupled with unmatched reliability, exemplifies Silfab’s commitment to superior solar technology, crafted with pride in the USA.

Leading-edge Solar Micro Inverters

Our solar inverters are the backbone of efficient energy conversion. They seamlessly transform the solar energy captured by your panels into usable electricity for your home or business. With advanced technology, these inverters ensure optimal performance and durability, providing you with a stable and reliable energy source.

Solar Batteries

Store the sun’s energy for when you need it most with our state-of-the-art solar batteries. These batteries are designed to maximize energy storage, allowing you to keep your lights on and appliances running, even when the sun isn’t shining. Their long lifespan and high storage capacity make them an essential component for any solar energy system.
Sonnen Batteries

Advanced Solar Monitoring App

We use the world’s most advanced solar monitoring app to make understanding your energy use easier than ever. The Suntria mobile app has a simple-to-use interface that allows you to check your system’s status at a glance. In a single click, you can view overall energy and per-panel energy production data and get an overview of your energy consumption and storage.

Experience the Suntria Advantage

Our top-tier home solar systems engineer state of the art solar products to keep your energy flowing, rain or shine. By combining modern solar technology with robust reliability, we ensure that your home enjoys continuous, long-lasting solar power, enhancing both efficiency and peace of mind.

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Invest in a brighter future

Join us in the solar revolution as an investor and become a part of a rapidly growing, sustainable energy movement. At Suntria, we offer unique investment opportunities that align profitability with environmental responsibility. By investing with us, you’re not just contributing to the expansion of renewable energy; you’re also supporting innovative solutions that address global energy challenges. Our robust business model, combined with the increasing demand for clean energy, creates a promising landscape for investors seeking both financial returns and a positive impact on the planet. Partner with us and invest in a future where solar energy is at the forefront of powering our world.
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Empower your home with self-sufficient energy

Experience the freedom of true energy autonomy with our tailored solutions for homeowners. Our solar systems offer a dependable source of power, breaking your reliance on traditional utility providers. This shift not only secures your energy supply but also shields you from unpredictable price hikes, power outages, and escalating energy expenses. With our solar solutions, you gain the assurance of having consistent energy at your fingertips, providing peace of mind and a sense of liberation from the uncertainties of the grid. Embrace a future where your home is powered on your terms, with sustainable energy that’s as reliable as it is environmentally responsible.

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See which areas we serve and see how we’re bringing sustainable energy solutions to homes and businesses, fostering a greener, cleaner future, one region at a time, one solar panel at a time.

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We believe in empowering families to take control of their energy future. It is our mission to provide this empowerment through a commitment to excellence in service, craftsmanship and the highest quality products, delivered by a smart, seamless and intuitive process.

Over the past 15 years, we have helped thousands of homeowners save money and gain energy independence by making the switch to solar. We invite you to join the movement. Welcome to Suntria!

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